Five Pingry students take semesters away in Fall 2015

Five Pingry Upper School Students will be taking their studies off-campus for the fall term. Reid Allinson (2017) will be joining the Arabic Year of King’s Academy in Jordan, while Jenn Korn (2017) will be studying classic and contemporary European life at St. Stephen’s in Rome, Italy. Maddie Parrish (2018) will be learning how the Brits do American boarding school, as she studies outside London, England at TASIS (which stands for “The American School in Switzerland”, even though it’s in England). Rikki Borkowski (2017) will be exploring issues of marine ecology and sustainability at the Island School in the Bahamas, while Lauryn Rodney (2017) will take her learning of natural history to new heights at the High Mountain Institute in Leadville, Colorado.

Watch this space for weekly updates from our students!

-Jeff Jewett, Director of Global Education

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