view from a friend's balcony near the Trevi Fountain
view from a friend’s balcony near the Trevi Fountain

Hello from Rome! I am just starting up my fifth week of classes here, and I couldn’t be happier! My boarding school is located just by the Circo Massimo, and I am down the road by about a 10 minute walk to the Colosseum. Rome is amazing. It is a city unlike any other, since it is a modern, livable city with a site of deep historical significance at every single turn. I can’t go grocery shopping without running into something worthy of a history class discussion.
Since my school is an international school, the kids here are from a hugely diverse range of places. My friends come from Saudi Arabia, France, Carthage, Mozambique, Jordan, Switzerland, Italy, and England (to name a few). I have the chance to learn and understand new cultures in a primary source kind of way, and it is so exciting.
Aside from my new friends, my favorite part of the experience so far has been exploring Rome. The shopping here on Via del Corso, the Roman version of Fifth Ave, is really great. I’ve gone to music festivals, cool restaurants, and LOTS of gelato places.
Overall, I am truly loving my time here in the Eternal City!

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