Hello from TASIS England!

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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Greetings from TASIS England! I am currently attending TASIS England, a boarding and day school located in Thorpe, a small village in Surrey southwest of London. I have been here since January 13th and have loved every second of it. Both boarding students and day students attend TASIS. The majority of the day students are Americans whose families, for the most part, moved from the US to England because of their parents’ jobs. The majority of the boarders, on the other hand, are international students who go to TASIS to experience first hand an “American high school experience.” Because of this, in the dining hall it is not uncommon to hear a conversation in Spanish on one side of the table and another in German on the other side of the table. Having the opportunity to meet people from places all over the world including, but not limited to, Spain, Venezuela, Bolivia, Germany, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Belgium is truly a privilege. I am constantly intrigued while listening to stories from their hometowns and all of the places where they have traveled.

TASIS’ location is a major advantage. It is located outside of the heart London allowing an English countryside experience with great ease of transport to Waterloo Station in downtown London. My friends and I are able to travel to London on the weekends and go sightseeing, visit art galleries, etc. TASIS is also a 20 minute drive away from Windsor, where Windsor Castle is located, and nearby other small towns for us to visit on the weekends.

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While abroad, I am able to take full advantage of traveling Europe. During February Break I visited Austria with my mom. We explored the city of Vienna, my favorite highlight being Belvedere Palace (pictured below in the top right and bottom left). The other two pictures (top left and bottom right) were taken on the streets of the city. The top left image is of the street Kohlmarkt leading to the Spanish Riding School, a famous landmark. Next week I am going on a Spanish field trip to the island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain in the Balearic Sea. In May my roommate and I are going to Santander in the north of Spain.

These past two months have been filled with many adventures and I am looking forward to many more throughout the rest of my semester!

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